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The primary task of ad agencies in Mumbai, irrespective of its type or size is to promote the brands that are their clients. Promote it in a way that conveys the right message to the right audience, creating a positive image of the brand in the audience’s mind. To achieve this is no child’s play and a lot of hard work, brainstorming, planning and coffee goes into it. It is therefore critical for you to decide, which agency will do justice to your brand and make it achieve new heights. You firstly need to understand the roles performed by different agencies and decide which is the one that your brand requires is.

There are numerous ad agencies in Mumbai, which can be broadly classified into five types. The first type is a full service ad Agen. As the name suggests, this agency handles all the stages, which go into the making of an ad. From accounts, planning to client servicing, creative to production, finance to media planning to buying, they handle it all. It is a one stop destination for all your advertising needs. The second kind is an interactive agency. Again, as the name suggests, their primary function is to interact with the target audience.

They utilize all major modes of communication like online ads, SMSes to reach to their audience. Innovative concepts are used in order to make the final ad very interactive. The third type is the creative ad Agn or the creative boutique. Their forte lies in producing ads which are highly creative and original. They are mainly a small team of people consisting of copywriters and art directors, whose only task is to think ‘out of the box’ and create an ad that makes an impact. Such an agency has a reputation in the market owing to its massive creative portfolio, earning them appreciation and awards.

The fourth kind is a media buying agency. Their primary function is to buy media space for their clients, after much negotiation with the media houses. They later evaluate whether the ad had been placed at the decided slot or not. Lastly, there is the in-house Agn. This type of an agency is similar to a full service ad agency. The only difference being, they work only for one particular organization, the one which has built it. Many big companies prefer having an in-house agency, as it proves to be highly convenient, and it saves on the cost.

While some entrepreneurs opt for an agency, which handles all their advertising demands so that they are able to concentrate on other aspects of their business. Others prefer to outsource only the most tedious aspects, taking charge of the remaining. Be it a creative ad agency or a full service ad agen., opting for a particular agency requires efforts. However, over time you will realize which type is the best for your business.

The process of selecting an advertising agency is highly complex, irrespective of whether it is an interactive agency or a creative ad agency . Jason Rego has spent several years working in the advertising field, giving him the required knowledge and expertise.

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