Cook Multi-Cuisine Dishes In A Multipurpose Pressure Cooker

Switching to pressure cooking is the best choice to save time, energy and gas. Preparing meals in a pressure cooker keeps your kitchen clean and mess-free. There are ample of models of these appliances now available in the market and online stores. The fresh models are quite stylish and are coated with different attractive colours. There are two types of pressure cookers according to the features. These are:-

The single-purpose pressure cookers

The multipurpose pressure cookers
A Multipurpose Pressure Cooker can be used for boiling, steaming, searing, baking and a few more cooking methods. This means these are designed for multi-tasking. The newest models are supplemented with so many insertions or parts which makes it possible to try out the variant delicacies. These types of cookers can be even used as a rice cooker or slow cookers. Starting from the breakfast stuffs to the evening crunchy bites all can be made in a single pot now. It is not required to rush to the bakery shops to get yummy birthday cakes if there is a multi-tasking cooker in your kitchen. In addition, these appliances are installed with several options and settings that can be adjusted according to the need. One point that needs to be mentioned is that these appliances do not make that high-pitching whistling sound like the old models.

One can select and buy the one that will be suitable for the desired cooking types. A recipe book is provided with every product to make your cooking easy without compromising for the taste and flavour of the cooked preparations.

Preparing so many variations would not have been possible without the different accessories fitted or supplemented with these pressure cookers. The accessories include:-

A steamer basket – This is generally made up of metals with perforations. The steamer basket is set inside the airtight vessel and can hold the assortment of ingredients to be steamed. After steaming the liquid inside the pot can be used as a stock or broth.

A trivet for keeping a steamer basket on a height from the liquid level – Some steamers are propped up on little heighted build-in stands. For these, there is no need of the trivets. But these are extremely important if the steamers are not heighted ones. It is extremely important to keep the steamers at a height above the liquid level otherwise the ingredients may dong nap ly gat tay get immersed in the liquid instead of remaining in the steamer baskets.

A metal divider for keeping the different foods separated from each other – This accessory helps to keep apart the food particles and prevent these from sticking to each other. In short, it can be said that these are the accessories with compartments or separators. Multiple food items can even be cooked at the same time inside the same pot with the help of these compartmentalized inserts.

An idly making stand – These stands are generally made up of aluminum or steel. Structured with small round shaped inner bulging in which the idly batter is poured and then the whole stand is placed inside the cooker. These are similar to the steamer baskets and perform the same function. The only difference is there in the shape or structure of the accessory.

A silicon lid – This addition allows taking the one-pot meals from the cooker to the dining-table and then can be stored in the refrigerator without the need to transfer it to some other container. The lid fits firmly on the metal insert.

Round baking moulds or trays – This supplement is used to make cheesecakes, desserts and even the normal cakes for different occasions.

Custard cups or pudding bowls- These types of small cups or bowls can be used to make puddings or custard and are made up of heat-proof materials. More than one can be placed inside the cooker due to the small sizes. Little water is poured in the cooker on which these cups are placed. The water level must be up to one-fourth of the height of the cups or can even be less than that. These can also be placed on top of the trivet.
The Pressure Cooker Accessories India can be bought separately according to the size or the inner diameter of the pressure cooker.

Abhyshek Jalan, a business enthusiast is professionally associated with Sunkwik, a popular brand of home appliances. It is a Kolkata based establishment which has been showing its excellence in the form of its superlative products. It manufactures the smartest and the most versatile Multipurpose Pressure Cooker range to increase the variations of cooking techniques. Every product is made to save both gas and energy to a large extent.

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